Trello should be utilized as often as possible for internal communication. Make sure to keep "cards" in the appropriate locations: to do, in progress, stuck, complete. This lets everyone know which projects you are working on currently or where you might need some help. Also make sure to utilize the @someonesname function to give them direct notifications that you are responding in the comments section

1. ​General List: Add items for your own to do list or delegate tasks to other managers, chefs, directors or owners. Assign members to a card, assign due dates, upload files/photos/etc. This is a great tool for internal communication and keeps everyone on the same page as to where we stand with upcoming projects, events and tasks.

2. R&M- If something in the building is broken you should always first assess the situation and troubleshoot within your comfort zone. After attempting a fix, you will need to open a job order for the maintenance team on the R&M board. Please include details about what you have done to assess the situation and any photos or measurements that might be helpful.

3.Company Wide- See who the Weekend Contact person is, update staffing needs, add to master home depot shopping list