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Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Access Email & Calendars and more


1. Make sure that you have a signature set up that does NOT include an image.

2. All emails should be responded to in a timely fashion (within 24hrs). You get a pass if you are off but we would expect a prompt response upon your return.

3. If you are going away or on vacation for an extended period of time please use the vacation reply function.

4. On public devises, especially the shared computers in the office, you are required to log out of your account after you are finished using it. Your account has access to sensitive information.

5. You technically have two email addresses: should be given out publicly and is hosted through All of the emails from this account automatically forward to your your gmail account which is The Gmail account allows you to access google calendar, google drive, google forms and other useful things that are used internally.

6. The general email is forwarded to your direct supervisor and he will distribute them as he sees fit.



As mentioned above, your gmail account allows you access to google calendar (upper right hand corner of email inbox listed under "google apps"). Here are the following calendars you have control over:

1. GN Event/Party: this calendar is for internal use only and is where all events, reservations, parties, tentative kitchen bookings should be listed.

2. WEBSITE G.FISHTOWN: This is the calendar that automatically publishes to your website. Make sure that all kitchen bookings, special events, general promotions, etc are listed here in a professional and clear way for the public to view them.

3. GM Calendar: This calendar is controlled by The Vintage Syndicate and will tell you info such as which week the maintenance team will be at your property (once every four weeks) and when your email blasts will be sent out.


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